Monday, 14 January 2013

Little Vintage Frock

I love vintage children's patterns, there are so many cute little frocks and rompers. I was lucky enough to be sent a copy of another vintage children's pattern. This time a little frock.

Absolutely adorable in my eyes!!

Which means that I had to try it right away. Well, when I mean right away, I mean once Miss Ember has gone to sleep and I haven't fallen asleep putting her to bed.

When trying out a new pattern for the first time, I like to make a mockup out of not so good fabric just in case I stuff something up. That's where my big crate of solid colour cottons come in handy, it contains almost every colour imaginable...except red! I discovered that when I was looking for a red piece to contrast a pretty cream and red fabric. Anyway, back on subject...

Ack! So adorable!

The mockup frock turned quite well, but I didn't really like how the garment was constructed, other than the french seamed side seams. I love french seams!! I like not having seams or raw edges showing if possible. So my plan for future frocks is to not follow the pattern [which is very typical of me] and line the bodice instead of doing the facings. Maybe even make some reversible frocks by doubling the skirt too...

I now have four more frocks cut out...just need to sneak away from the small child [hah!] and sew them.

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  1. Oh my goodness! That is super adorable. Vintage patterns are the best!