Thursday, 25 April 2013

KCW: Day 3: Repeating History

Today I wanted to do something a little different. I wanted to recreate a little bit of history...

The green overalls Ember is wearing in these photos belonged to her dad when he was a kid! I love the idea of her wearing something that was her dads. They're really cute and quite a simple design. Unfortunately she is fast out growing them! I'm guessing in a month or so she will no longer fit into them.

It wasn't particularly difficult to trace a pattern from them. All up there was 8 pattern pieces. Much better than the 18 odd for my other [bought] overalls pattern!

 I chose a wide wale dusky blue cord and a vintage 'denim' cotton with pink roses. I did the front waistband and the pockets in the cotton and the rest of the overalls in the cord.

Instead of using buttons, I used plastic snaps. I still have no inclination to work out how to use my button holer on my machine. There is one snap on each side and snaps on the straps which tuck behind the bib.

I added in a pocket on the back, which is not on the original pair but I thought made a cute addition. 

After I finished this pair-which is the same size as the original, I graded the pattern up a size [to size 2] and made a second pair. The size two I made in green wide wale cord with a gorgeous quilting cotton from Leere Aldrich called Nature's Walk Notebook. Unfortunately I haven't got any photos of the second pair yet, as they aren't complete.

Ember got rather spoilt tonight too [other than gorgeous new clothes!], her grandfather bought her a balance bike! She's pretty chuffed with it. :)


  1. I found you from the KCW Facebook page. I LOVE these, and now I have the courage to take apart the old overalls I use to wear to make a few pairs for my son. Thank you for the lovely photos as well, your daughters a beaut!

    1. Thankyou! And good luck with your overalls, I'd love to see photos once you are done!