Sunday, 21 April 2013

Kids Clothing Week

This is the first time I've signed up to participate in KCW. I'm hoping even with work and looking after Ember, I'll get a chance to do some more sewing for her. Might have to drag out the playpen and surround my sewing desk from little fingers!

I found out about Kids Clothes Week by trawling a few sewing blogs, I'm not sure whose blog I originally found it on though. Basically the idea is you sew for at least one hour a day, for kids...either your own or someone elses'.

I'll be sewing for my 17 month old daughter, as she is in need of some new warmer clothes as winter is fast approaching here. We had the first all day rainy day today, in which we mainly stayed snuggled in bed reading books and playing games.

On my list of things to make/do this week are:
-Elegance and Elephants's Bubble Shorts and Ruffle Top
-Puperita's Red Riding Hood Jacket
-Overalls-I have yet to find a pattern I like, so I am hoping to trace off a pattern from some overalls she already has which belonged to her dad as a child!
-Finish off the jacket I have already made, just need to add the toggles!
-And if I have time finish off some dresses I have cut out which I plan to donate to Dress a Girl Around the World

So somehow I plan to achieve all this during the week! Crazy? Most likely...

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