Tuesday, 30 April 2013

KCW Wrapup

Wow! KCW is over for now and I still cannot believe what I got done!

My original list of thing I wanted to get done:
On my list of things to make/do this week are:
-Elegance and Elephants's Bubble Shorts and Ruffle Top
-Puperita's Red Riding Hood Jacket
-Overalls-I have yet to find a pattern I like, so I am hoping to trace off a pattern from some overalls she already has which belonged to her dad as a child!
-Finish off the jacket I have already made, just need to add the toggles!
-And if I have time finish off some dresses I have cut out which I plan to donate to Dress a Girl Around the World
Out of the five I achieved four plus heaps more...I never got around to putting the toggles on the jacket!

Over the last week I have made:

-three pairs of overalls from a self drafted pattern [using an old pair as a template/guide] in sizes 1, 2 and 4

-one pair of pyjama pants from a self drafted pattern

-one top using Elegance and Elephants's Ruffle Top pattern

-two pairs of shorts Elegance and Elephants's Bubble Shorts pattern

-one jacket using Puperita's Red Riding Hood jacket pattern

-six dresses using a free pillowcase dress pattern from The Mother Huddle blog

So all up FOURTEEN items of clothing! Not to mention a few little bits and bobs that weren't not children clothing related.

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