Friday, 26 April 2013

KCW: Day 4 & 5: Chickens and Elephants

I wasn't able to blog yesterday due to having a crazy day! I did manage to get a little sewing done which was nice. The 11:30pm bed time for Ember however, was not fun! 

On day four of the Kids Clothing Week, I finished off the second pair of overalls drafted from my partner Paul's childhood overalls. I graded this pair up a size so they will fit her for longer.

  I fussy cut all the pockets, so each had something different on them. I absolutely love this material!

She wore them around the house today, out feeding the chickens and playing in the pond. They are now back on the sewing table to be repaired... I was lazy and didn't finish them off properly and accidentally tore part of the side seam taking them off her. Oops!

This is my rooster, he has no name yet...and if doesn't stop attacking my legs when I go out, he might end up as a roast! I wish he had inherited his father's personality [who sadly got taken by a fox earlier this year].

These are six of my eight hens. :) They provide us with lots of eggs and manure for the veggie garden. They are also great food scrap disposals!

Day five was all about Elephants! Both fabric and patterns. 

I picked up an adorable set of coordinating fabrics from Spotlight with elephants on it, in pink, blue and brown. I have used another fabric in the same range before but a different colourway .

First up was another pair of Bubble Shorts by Elegance and Elephants, in the coordinating fabrics. These ones worked out a bit better than my first attempt-which was a bit of a failure, as I didn't use the correct seam allowance and ended up needing to cut new waistband and cuff sections! I still had some trouble fitting the cuffs on this pair but it all worked out without needing to recut the cuffs [just the pockets...because I cut them the wrong way on the fabric!].

Secondly, I made Elegance and Elephants' Ruffle Top-the tunic top style. I did the ruffles and tie in the vine print and bound off the neck, arms and hem with the stripes. I love this pattern! Would have to be in my top 3 patterns to make. Took me longer than usual, as I had a little helper constantly giving me pins, fabric scraps and trying to unthread my overlocker most of the time!

I am so pleased with what I have achieved so far this week. I really didn't think I'd actually get a chance to sew every day so far!


  1. Love the whole elephant theme!!! :) So awesome! They are turned out lovely.

    1. Thankyou! I did a photoshoot with them the other day, I've blogged them here too. :)